We have been building modern yachts since 2022
Preserving the traditions since 1966


We build the legendary yachts using state-of-the art technology, preserving the traditions of quality

Motorsailers and traditional sailboats with unsurpassed expedition capabilities

Enclosed wheelhouse
Excellent seaworthiness
Comfort and habitability
Ease of steering
Enclosed wheelhouse
Excellent seaworthiness
Comfort and habitability
Ease of steering
Motorsailers and traditional sailboats with unsurpassed expedition capabilities
Nauticat yachts are returning
Nauticat is a family shipyard founded by the Finnish yachtsman and engineer Pentti Siltala in 1961.
The shipyard’s history began with the release of the sailing yacht Nauticat 33 in 1961. Over 50 years of operation, the company has built more than 10 models of yachts from 33 to 53 feet. The total circulation was more than 3,000 yachts. In 2018, the owners declared bankruptcy of the company.
In 2022, a group of Latvian entrepreneurs engaged in the revival of production. They merged under the new name NAUTICAT YACHTS SIA. The company’s CEO is an experienced yachtsman, businessman and owner of the Sunlight Sailing yacht school, Dmitry Muratov

The main production will be based in Latvia.

Sailing yachts with Deck Saloon, Enclosed Wheelhouse (Pilothouse) and traditional Motorsailers in composite hulls will remain in the model line of the shipyard. There will also be an expedition modification of the Nauticat 515 in a steel hull.
Nauticat is more than a boat
Dmitry Muratov
We respect the history of the Finnish company, so we will adhere to traditional methods of organizing production.

It means that the safety and durability of yachts will remain a priority.

Nauticat is a special family community of current and future yacht owners. We honour this community and are ready to confer patronage to each owner on any undertaking:
  • buying or selling a used Nauticat boat;
  • selection and delivery of components and spare parts;
  • searching for information and documents in our archives.

Upgrading, repair and maintenance services for Nauticat yachts will be carried our at a new shipyard in Latvia.
Geography of Nauticat boats’ navigation since 1966
For the long stay on board and world cruise
Nauticat — a new level of freedom
Exceptional seaworthiness in all conditions
Highly autonomous – a significant supply of food, fuel and water
Absolute comfort on board in the tropical heat and arctic cold
A yacht capable of navigating through the "perfect storm" without fuss
Ease of steering the boat in any weather
Enclosed Wheelhouse
Nauticat 441
2 Control Posts
The convenience of yacht piloting - all the instruments and steering wheel are duplicated
Ideal seaworthiness parameters
Comfortable sailing in any conditions
Durable hull
Yacht safety and durability
Power structure
Displacement factor
Hull thickness
5 cm
Open steering post - above the enclosed wheelhouse
Pilothouse - large panoramic windows
Rudder on skeg
Full or fin keel
Sweden, Nauticat 44
Travel together, with children or alone
Henrik Rudberg,
Sweden, Nauticat 43
Henrik lives in Sweden and has owned Nauticat 43 for 4 years now. With the appearance of this boat, travel has become more diverse, and the season is longer. In 2019, Henrik made an exciting journey from Sweden to the Red Sea and back. It was Henrik’s daughter who helped him make the decision to buy this boat. The comfort level and zoning of the boat's space allow Henrik's family to feel at home on it.
Jonathan is from Sweden, and spends more time on board of Nauticat 44 than in his apartment. He especially likes to explore the islands on the Baltic Sea and prefers short crossings. It is important for him to share his impressions, so in the summer he makes a big Excel spreadsheet with dates and a list of friends who plan to join him on a trip. In the boat, Jonathan appreciates the spacious interior with panoramic views, reliability and a sense of safety and security.
Nauticat offers boats ranging in size from 33 to 53 feet, with a full or fin keel
By choosing a boat up to 40 feet with a fin keel, you save on insurance and maintenance in marina ports
Nauticat truly cares about you
High standard of living on board
A feeling of home and comfort with clearly separated functional zones
A full-fledged aft cabin, where you do not get seasick and you can comfortably relax, sit down and stand up to your full height
Fantastic comfort and safety for a yacht
Large cozy galley with dining table
Lots of lockers and tiller racks for storing things, tools, sails
Dishwasher and washing machine
Hot shower, full bath and sauna, heating and air conditioning
Wide and sloping stairs with anti-skid step
The market offers many beautiful vessels with superb interiors. Light and fast boats are gaining popularity. But are you ready to go out on such a boat into the open ocean?

The advertisement says that the boat is moving with a 15-knot wind, and the smiling crew is having a great day. But will this mood persist when the boat has spent 48 hours in a raging sea, the autopilot failed to cope, and the reefed mainsail could not stand it?

Such a yacht is suitable, for example, when crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a tailwind to the Caribbean from Europe. But if she gets caught by a storm in the North Atlantic between Ireland and Nova Scotia, it could be a totally different story.
Nauticat thinks about your comfortable well-being
Feel good on long journeys — without shaking and seasickness
Why do modern high-speed cruise yachts fail to provide a sense of comfort?
All equipment is located in the engine room with a good range of vision
The troublesome components have a large margin of safety
Free access to all controls
You won't need acrobatic flexibility or long arms
Uncompromising Reliability and Safety
Rugged construction
Reliable steering
Strong rigging
Rugged construction
The hull is made of fiberglass with a thickness of at least 5 cm without the use of sandwich technologies.

The exclusive technology of the hull and superstructure is borrowed from the aviation industry.

In 2023, it is planned to produce an expedition boat in a steel hull.
Rugged construction
The hull is equipped with a skeg for the safety of the rudder.

The rudder is filled with a homogeneous mixture of fiberglass and polyester for reliability.

Hydraulic steering system. Check valves are modified, which allows the helmsman to feel the pressure on the steering wheel when moving.
Rugged construction
Strong rigging
Rigging design with high safety factor.

The mast passes through the deck, which increases the strength of the rigging.

The equipment on deck is selected taking into account large workloads.
Nauticat — the gold standard of sailing yachts
The optimal stability and buoyancy indicators

According to the international certification system ISO -12217, the vessels are classified class A – Ocean
Rating of Nauticat 331 according to the John Holtrop’s ideal cruiser model
points out of
*Slightly below the standard due to the predominance of comfort over speed
Nauticat family — according to your preferences
Sailing yachts and Motorsailers in various configurations
Classic yachts with one mast. Moderate surface area of the sails and the heavy hull ensure a comfortable measured course.
Closed warm wheelhouse, cozy interior and attention to every detail.
Two-masted yachts (ketches) with high energy capacity. Equipped with a powerful motor, the boats develop high cruise speed. Extremely reliable due to two masts. Closed wheelhouse with side doors, raised aft deck.
Sailing yachts
Get an overview and configuration
Get an overview and configuration
We will launch 3 Nauticat bestsellers into mass production
About 1300 models have been produced
Nauticat 331
Nauticat 42
Nauticat 525
Will be released in a steel hull in 2023
You will not have to wait a few years for us to build your yacht
We are abandoning artisanal production in favor of digital high-precision technologies
We keep the traditions of quality
Is the average production time of the yacht
We automate production
Jewelry precision of manufacturing parts according to original drawings
Profitable investment in the future
Most of them are still in high demand in the secondary market.
They are easily resold and practically do not lose in value.
boats have been produced since 1961
A Nauticat yacht will be modern and in demand even in 30 years
Popularity by region, source: Google Trends
We equip boats for maximum comfort and environmental friendliness:
Take a shower, wash clothes and wash dishes without salt
Solar panels and wind generator
Seawater Desalination Plant
As an additional eco-friendly source of electric power
Climate Control
Comfortable temperature and humidity inside in all weather conditions
We follow the traditions of the brand.

We build yachts according to state-of-the-art technologies and tailor them specifically for your requirements
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Will take into account all individual requirements of what you have in mind and will do our best to reach your goals and needs
A wide range of equipment and configuration:
from sailing armament to keel type
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