We have been building modern yachts since 2022
Preserving the traditions since 1966

I have been successfully doing business for more than 25 years now. I am engaged in optimization of management accounting and bookkeeping, logistics, audit and consulting of enterprises.
Yachting came into my life about 10 years ago and immediately carried me away. I quickly worked my way up from sailor to captain. And then I realized that my passion for yachting was more than a hobby.

This resulted in opening my own yacht school, which trains novice yachtsmen.
I did not doubt for a minute when I found out the opportunity to become the owner of the shipyard – there was a great chance to go further and develop in this direction.
Here the inner desire to create and the prospect of reviving the legendary brand and becoming part of the history converged. It is always more difficult to create production from scratch.

You can achieve results faster and more productively, when there is a great base in place.
Although, it is easy to reduce the quality. After all, the goal is to preserve the traditions of the world-famous brand.
The Nauticat positioning is close to me – it is a marine jeep, a family cruiser. I personally prefer uncompromising reliability and comfort.
We intend to preserve all the best traditions of Nauticat. Therefore, at the first stage of production, we will proceed from digitized drawings and diagrams, and at subsequent stages we will study and implement modifications required in modern yacht handling conditions.

We will build on the opinions of experts and the first owners of the new Nauticat boats. A powerful team will aim to regain the brand's leading position in the niche of cruise liners. Therefore, we expect that our boats will attract both adherents of the brand who often travel to the most remote and hard-to-reach points of the Earth.
I guess my successful entrepreneurial experience will serve as a good basis for the development of the Nauticat brand and yachting in the Baltic States.

Dmitry Muratov

We honor the great family of Nauticat yachts owners

Therefore, consulting and maintenance of the existing boats will be carried out at the new plant in Latvia

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